Our Work and Contribution

The network of support, the leadership opportunities, the education and experiences for Council members is invaluable for women. The values of the organization, which include respect and community participation assist in members’ development. The following examples are ones where Council has supported women’s opportunities and individual development.

The Council of Women of Winnipeg has contributed as a role model for other women.

  • Founding member of Women’s Model Parliament, which encouraged women to get involved in the political process.
  • In 1941 Council appeared before the provincial government accompanying hairdressers seeking improved hours and wages.
  • Appointment of women to the Police Commission was urged in 1964. Local Council has always urged government to consider gender equality in the appointments to boards and agencies.
  • Many of the federate members of the Council, such as the Junior League, the YM-YWCA, the University Women’s Club, the Soroptimists, the Salvation Army, various church groups and alumni worked to promote the equality of women and have developed innovative programs and services mentoring and supporting women. The University Women’s Club of Winnipeg for example, distributes over $10,000 per year as scholarship awards to women students in Manitoba.
  • Council was asked to have a national program located here, “Girls as Perpetrators and Recipients of Violence” as part of the National Council Annual Meeting held here in early June of 1999. This initiative led to the Round Table, supported by the Manitoba · As early as 1956, Council made representation to government for equal pay for equal work. In 1934, Council was advocating for minimum wage laws. A brief was submitted in 1951 to the Minimum Wage Board on behalf of Council. The local Council supported the brief presented by the Provincial Council at the recent hearings (1998) of the Manitoba Minimum Wage Board.
  • Received the “Women of Distinction” Award recipient YM-YWCA Women of Distinction in 1999

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